Worksheet Set 04: Go With the Flow (DOWNLOAD & PRINT)

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Well, 'Part 03: Go with the flow' has certainly taken things up a notch. You should now have a great understanding of exactly how your menstrual cycle works and have been introduced to super important topics like consent, sex, reproduction with the mention of STI's and contraceptive methods.

These ELEVEN PAGES of questions, activities and reflections are designed for you to further your understanding of these topics and provide you the opportunity to delve a little deeper to ensure you are equipped and empowered to live a healthy, glorious life.

Although compiled with the mama and daughter in mind, they do align with Australian Curriculum Outcomes ACPP5052 and ACPP5071 so are also suitable for classroom use.

**** We highly recommend going through these sheets and research activities with your daughter as some of the information does introduce sexual intercourse and reproduction. All research suggests that education around sexual health DOES NOT lead to earlier sexual activity, in fact quite the opposite!!! So no need to fear.