The Pippin Girl Movement: Empowering Girls

Trust your body, know your worth and find your strength.

Strong girls become strong women. At Pippin Girl we create authentic, inspiring, and accessible resources to equip our girls as they navigate puberty’s hairy, messy, marvellous rollercoaster journey into womanhood. 

Your girl needs YOU. We want to be right there with you, cheering and guiding her as she asks the big questions, builds confidence in who she is, what she stands for and her purpose in life.


(Aussie for legit or authentic)

We’re all about providing honest, healthy and evidence-based answers to the BIG questions our teen and tween girls (and boys!) ask about their bodies, relationships, sex and how to live a fulfilling life. 

Our team includes nutritionists, psychologists, doctors and other healthy-living experts to give your girls the ultimate info and advice that nourishes their mind, body, and soul as they navigate they navigate the challenges and change of their teenage years.


Just like you, we want to empower the younger generation of girls to think critically and make informed, wise and healthy choices as they navigate the emotional, physical and social changes of puberty, online life, friendships and relationships, dating and sex.

We want them to know their worth and appreciate their value.


The female body is remarkable and miraculous. It grows, changes and gives life. It tells a story. We want girls to treasure their body, to care and nourish it, and celebrate their body, and each others, exactly as they are - no changes required. 

We revel in colour, beauty and quirk. We embrace differences. Our resources are a creative expression and a tribute to the worth, value and magnificence of the fair dinkum, wonderful and empowered ones who read them.

This is all for you!

Meet Emma

Founder, Educator, Author, Speaker & Fierce Advocate for Empowering Teens.

I am so glad you are here! I live in the beautiful Bundjalung country of the East Coast of Australia and when I’m not speaking with young people in schools or writing more books for your gals, you can find me enjoying the sunshine and the sea with my love and our three sandy toed babes. 

I founded Pippin Girl in late 2019 and watching it bloom and grow has been a wild adventure! I get to speak to hundreds of young people on the weekly and produce content and resources to inspire and empower young women to live their best lives now and in the future.

I am a high-school trained biology teacher and have worked in schools in various well-being roles for 14 years. From the minute I graduated university, my heart has always been drawn to walking alongside young girls as they navigate the wilderness of the teen years.

My own teen years were filled with self-doubt, comparison, insecurities, bad relationships, and some terrible decisions...and I didn't have Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok flooding my brain and stealing my joy! It's a whole new ball game, being a teen right now. For all the difficulties I experienced, I learnt so much through my teen years. Oh, have I learnt! I wish I had asked more questions, listened more, valued myself more, thought more deeply before jumping into relationships, and taken better care of my body and my heart. 

There are so many things I wish someone had said to me. So many things I wish I knew.

I’ve got a story to tell young people - a different kind of story. 

The Pippin Girl story combats the lies and toxic messages that society, culture and social media fill our heads with.

It’s a story that speaks of our girls’ inherent worth, value, purpose and potential. 

Our puberty books are honest, truthful, empowering resources that will guide her as she transforms into a happy, healthy and confident young woman.