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Today’s hypersexualised culture and the intricacies of modern relationships mean that many young people are feeling overwhelmed and under-prepared when it comes to making decisions and choices around their bodies, sexuality, and relationships.

The stats are in and it shows that the average age of pornography exposure is just 11 years old, with many researchers believing it to be closer to the age of 8. In fact, half of the children aged between 9-16 are regularly exposed to sexualised images. 

2/3 of teens regret their first sexual experience. 

Sexting is now considered a normal part of modern-day dating.

The sexual landscape has changed, and our young people need truth, clarity,
facts, encouragement, and goodness like never before.

The solution lies in providing regular, ongoing, thorough sexual education rich in healthy values and embedded with messages of identity, dignity and worth that fosters awareness of young people's rights to feel respected, safe, and loved.

Imagine if every student in your school understood their inherent worth and value as a human being, if they knew how their body worked and appreciated its incredible design. Imagine if we empowered each student to take care of their body well and to make healthy, safe, and rewarding choices around their behaviour, relationships, and sexuality. Just imagine. 

Tailored to fit the needs of your school community.

I can cover any of the following topics at an age-appropriate level through a scaffolded approach designed to layer knowledge and understanding as students move through their education.

  • Puberty
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Body Safety and Consent
  • Pornography
  • Navigating the Online World
  • Body Image
  • The Non-negotiables of Self-care
  • Becoming a person of character and integrity
  • Values and Beliefs: Love, Sex and Relationships 
  • Friendships and Conflict Resolution 
  • The Menstrual Cycle and Sport

"Emma is a highly engaging and knowledgeable speaker who we have had the privilege of having present to our Year 7 and 8 students. Covering topics that included body image, puberty and health, Emma addressed many issues that our young girls face in an age appropriate and relevant way, making them feel comfortable to engage with the activities, and opening up avenues for continued discussion around these topics. The students said that they found the session informative and fun, and they really appreciated all the practical advice that Emma gave. I would highly recommend Emma as a guest speaker and the Pippin Girl resources for use with Middle and Senior School students.”

Jessica Ley | Dean of Year 8 Emmanuel College

"Emma delivers the material in a beautifully relatable yet knowledgeable way. All the science your child needs, packaged within a down to earth , warm, and supported framework. She also packs in a lot of helpful tips and hacks as this wonderful growth period approaches. This is the course all children need in order to glide through this beautifully bumpy and miraculous season of their life with ease and grace."

Jo Espie | Clinical Psychologist (Seed Clinical Psychology)

"Thank you so much for being "real" with our students. They connected to your stories, and we have only had positive feedback from staff and students. Even some boys saying, "That wasn't half bad sir" which is a positive comment from a teenage boy!"

Dino Arraiol | Head of Wellbeing & Community - Calvary Christian College

"Thank you so much for coming to my child's school this week. She came home raving about you. She was encouraged by how you discussed the topics with such ease. Thank you for doing what you do, how you do it and reinforcing what we teach at home. It was great for her to hear what we say from someone different." 

Sarah | Parent of a Year 8 student

"Emma, I cannot stop raving about your engaging, professional, funny and I loved how scientific it was too!"

Leonie Riley – Director of Pastoral Care Emmanuel College

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