Worksheet Set 03: What about the guys? (DOWNLOAD & PRINT)

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We're the first to admit that we all about empowering educating girls here at Pippin Girl. Part of that education means that girls also need to understand how a males body works and what a boy goes through during puberty. 

This set of worksheets chats through the changes that a guy goes through during puberty, the male reproductive system and some key terms as well as asking some thoughtfully designed questions around how a girl can be a respectful, kind and supportive friend to a guy during his season of change. 

We often feel sorry for ourselves as girls and forget that boys have a lot to go through as well and the world puts a lot of pressure on them to BE a certain way too. Let's raise girls who know the importance of helping to empower boys to be free from the toxic masculinity that society pushes down their throats. 

Although compiled with the mama and daughter in mind, they do align with Australian Curriculum Outcomes ACPP5052 and ACPP5071 so are also suitable for classroom use.

**** We highly recommend going through these sheets and research activities with your daughter as some of the information does introduce sexual intercourse and reproduction. I mean how can you explain some of the male anatomy without going there? All research suggests that education around sexual health DOES NOT lead to earlier sexual activity, in fact quite the opposite!!! So no need to fear.