Part 01: Remarkable (Paperback)

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Ages 8+

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Your body is remarkable.

There we said it. You don’t believe us though do you?

That, my friend, is why you need this.

Part 01 explores the foundations of understanding your remarkable body by stepping you through the female reproductive system.

It’s the sunny and heartening introduction that any mama and daughter need to get the conversations rolling about puberty and the journey to womanhood.

It’s filled with loveliness, like you could literally frame the pages.. maybe not the one with a vagina on it. Not sure you’ll want that one on your bedroom wall.

It is filled with expert advice, poetry, fun, beautiful pages, quotes, interesting articles, ideas, health tips and answers to some of those hairy questions. Plus sooooo much more. It's chocka-block full of goodness. 

When you purchase Part 01, you will also receive:

  • An email link to the complimentary, corresponding video “Remarkable” where our Founder, Emma, and team doctor, Laura, chat you through the remarkable female body.
  • Set 01 of our downloadable worksheets which include a teaching guide and correlate to The Australian Curriculum Standards. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Just what she needed!

I left the books on my daughters desk and have since noticed her picking them up and reading different parts on numbers occasions. These books have instigated the most organic, warm and open conversations in our home so thank you!

The perfect gift for my niece

I bought this book for my niece and she loved it!