Part 03: Go With the Flow (Paperback)

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Ages 13+

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As your girl grows, so do the conversations. In Part 03: Go With The Flow, we take things up a notch, discussing the menstrual cycle, hormones, relationships, consent, sex and boundaries. The big answers for her big questions. 

In Pippin Girl’s signature fun, wonderful, relaxed and wholesome kind of way, we present expert advice and information on the role hormones play in our bodies, as well as the tricky topics of periods, relationship, sex, consent and pregnancy and SO much more! 

In Go With The Flow we explore the four phases of the menstrual cycle and how the changing hormones can affect your skin, mood, appetite and energy levels and offer our best tips on how to care for your body through these phases. Part 03 also gives some much-needed inspiration for keeping her hormones happy and in balance. 

We chat through frequently asked questions about the nitty gritty of periods, pregnancy and sex. And of course, we initiate the conversation around sexural activity, consent, boundaries and what a healthy relationship looks like. 

With Go With The Flow, your teen girl will feel empowered, informed and know her worth. Add your support and guidance and she’ll feel totally equipped for womanhood. 

Who’s it for? 

Go With The Flow is designed for girls 13+, and follows on from 01: Remarkable and 02: Blossom, Baby. 

The Bloom Collection books are designed to layer on top of one another and grow in maturity and information as your daughter journeys through puberty and adolescence. 


Purchase of Go With The Flow includes a copy of Set 04 of our downloadable worksheets. Eleven pages of questions, activities and revision exercises designed specifically to complement the book. All worksheets correspond with the objectives and learning outcomes from The Australian National Curriculum standards.

Customer Reviews

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Where were these books when I was a tween/teen? Beautifully written, stunning to the eye and full, from front to back, with all that a young woman needs to navigate the "awkward" years with strength, confidence and courage!

Something tangible for my digital girl!

I loved gifting this as it's a tangible warm hug... something to keep and go back to... a great resource...


A great book with lots of information to help you girls through the changes and puberty. I love how they have included a section for dads