~ A Girls Guide to Being a Good Mate & Healthy Friendships (DOWNLOAD & PRINT)

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When you are a tween or teen girl, friends can be everything. It is a time in their lives where it is natural for them to start spending a little less time with family and wanting to spend a little more time with friends. 

While friendships are so wonderful and bring so much joy, they can also be the cause of much stress, heartache and just plain drama. 

Our 16 page guide takes your girl through a series of reflections and activities centred around:

  • Being a good mate. What a good friend looks like. 
  • Having healthy expectations of friends.
  • Making new friends. 
  • The signs of toxic or unhealthy friendships and what to do about them.
  • Different scenarios to spark conversation and reflection
  • Navigating friendships online

Simply purchase, download and print as many times as you like!